Monday, 20 January 2014

A onesie for The Much Belovéd: Kwik Sew K3713

It seems like onesies are ubiquitous at the moment even here at Oil and Thread where we seldom follow fashion.  According to the stats the likelihood is that by now you either own a Onesie or know someone who does.  I am guessing that fewer people have actually sewn a onesie.  Unless they happen to have a copy of Kwik Sew K3713 lying around.

I thought this pattern might appeal to The Much Belovéd.  He seemed genuinely pleased when he first saw it and quite excited when I finally got down to work on it.  He tends to run around barefoot quite a bit so we agreed on version B the footless sleep suit.

I was inspired by the colour scheme on the pattern envelope and the very reasonable price of red cotton flannel.  An error on my part concerning the fabric width led me to buying twice as much winceyette as required.  During the weekend I spent shrinking, drying and ironing this fabric it felt like we were swathed in acres of red brushed cotton.

Red rag to a bull?

The pattern really isn't complicated and the instructions are first rate.  The biggest challenge is the size of the pieces.  Laying out and cutting took up a lot of space.  It's lucky the dinning table has that extra leaf!  Once the fabric was cut its size made it more than a bit of a handful.

The pattern includes a quarter inch seam allowances which are finished by zigzagging together - must be a job for the trusty 401G.  I heeded all my old sewing machine instruction books' warnings about shortening the stitch length and lightening the tension when sewing flannel.  I think this is supposed to allow the seams to 'give' a little during wear.  Kwik Sew's quarter inch seam allowances mean no trimming - refreshing!

This shade of red has proven to be virtually impossible to photograph!

The neckband and cuffs are sewn into the main body and finished in the same way.

This was my first go at sewing stretchy knits.  I did invest in some Organ needles designed especially for stretch fabric and I played it safe by sewing with my 'modern' machine.  I quite enjoyed the experience and the results are encouraging.

The pattern includes directions for either buttons or snap fastenings.  TMB put in a special request for snap fastenings so that meant buying some new kit.  I may post a full tutorial on fitting snaps at a later date.  They went on without any trouble at all and I think they work well with this pattern.

The pattern is a very generously sized.  I cut the medium based on the measurements on the pattern envelope but in my opinion the finished garment is a shade too big for TBM.  It's actually a better fit on me and I am nearer a large these days.  If I made another (remember I ended up with enough fabric for two) I would either make the small for TMB or reduce the length of the body by 1-2 inches.  TMB was however delighted with his roomy new onesie.  The proof has been in the wearing with the onesie making regular appearances at the weekend breakfast table!

The owner was not available for modelling today


  1. It looks great -- very professional job!

  2. Hi Gavin,

    Great job on the cuffs and neckband.
    The onesie looks very comfy.



  3. Your onesie looks great. I have made this pattern and Kwik Sew 3712 (woman's onesie) a few times now. My husband loves the roomy fit. I agree that the instructions are first rate.

  4. Turned out really well! I know what you mean about the size, KWIK Sew patterns run a little large in general. I found that I have to actually measure my paper pattern out with a tape before judging which size to make. Other than that they really are awesome patterns. I was actually thinking about buying this pattern a couple of weeks ago to make for myself. Now after reading your post it's going on my to buy list for sure. It's been really cold in the North East this winter.

  5. Hi everyone!
    I'm pretty new to sewing and have just started on this pattern. I was wondering if any of you would be able to help me out with some instructions that I'm finding very difficult to understand.
    Under step 2, the second diagram is hard to associate with the fabric itself. I am unsure if I have folded it correctly and where I have to 'clip'.

    I can provide photos with more detail of my problem if you were happy to supply an email address (no I won't spam you!)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
    my email is if you would like to contact me that way.

  6. I love this brand of pattern and the pattern designer. I have made many many clothes for my children. Her patterns are so simple to make, easy to follow instructions and great clothes at the end. Congrats. I love your onesies.