Monday, 18 March 2013

Saturday Shopping Spree

I haven't done any sewing since Thursday but I have been planning and shopping.  Next best thing?

A few weeks ago my oldest old friend told me the fantastic news that she was expecting her first baby.  Wonderful news for her and just the excuse that I've been looking for to make a cot-sized fence rail quilt.

I had stumbled across a free pattern at Victoriana Quilt Designs a few months back and stored the idea in my memory bank for later.

I imagine something bright, fun and cute but not mawkish for a baby quilt and as we don't know what type of baby we are expecting I am steering clear of pink flowers and Disney Princesses.

I was thrilled to find these fabrics in the shop that is never knowingly undersold.  I spotted the owl print first and fell for it.  I've had a bit of a thing for Owls for ages.  I think it goes back to childhood memories of Blackberry Farm, Winnie the Pooh, The Sword in the Stone and Clash of the Titans (the original one with Larry, Maggie and Burgess).  Wise nocturnal birds seem to me to be appropriate to watch over infant sleep.

The bright yellow leaf print was next to catch my eye.  The yellow is a spot on match for the yellow on the owl print and the leaf is stylistically similar on both fabrics.  I toyed with a few options over the the third fabric.  I wanted to bring out either the red or the blue from the owl print.  I saw some blue with irregular yellow dots that I liked but the yellow wasn't quite right and then, a few bolts down the rack, I spied the petrel blue version of the yellow leaf print.  I hummed and hahhed a bit over it.  I didn't want the thing to look too leafy but The-Much-Beloved and the staff helped me make up my mind.

The pattern I intend to make calls for three fabrics; a dark tone on tone, medium tone on tone, and a light print.  I think I am near enough on that one.

I have one or two things to finish before I go at this project hammer and tongs so I guess I can enjoy the smell of new fabric for a few days more before I get down to washing and preshrinking the new yardage.


  1. Love the owlies, so cute! I just started quilting a few years ago, and I am so hooked. I hope you post photos of your finished quilt!

    1. Hello Miss Sews-it-all

      I am glad that you like the owls. Every time I look at their surprised expressions I smile.

      I am very new to sewing. I was given the Singer 28K by a colleague towards the end of last summer. Before that I hadn't sewn anything but a button since school. My new hobby is such an enjoyable journey of discovery so far and HOW addictive? I am not surprised to read that you are hooked on quilting.

      This quilting project is the first for which I have actually gone out and bought specific new fabric for so very exciting. I am planning to work at an easy pace and post regular progress updates. I might even be asking for advice so please keep watching this space.


  2. I love your fabric choices. You have a gift! Welcome to quilting!

    1. That baby is going to be so lucky to receive one of your quilts. I love the owls and the rest of the patterns will work just right. Keep me informed to check for follow ups. Carol