Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New Shirt Pattern

Hello.  I would like to start today's post with a big thank you to Muv and Peter for posting links to my blog on theirs.  This has led to record number of page views, new followers, and some great comments.  Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and especially to those who have left comments or decided to join the blog as followers.

With all this excitement was there ever a worse time for my poor camera to die on me?  Well with me planning to show you all how the borders for the log cabin quilt are coming along with I should say NOT!  With the MOT paid for and road tax just around the corner I'm not sure when a new camera will be on the cards :0(

I think I'll have to dig out the cable and do some experiments with my phone to see if I can produce any pics to keep the blog going in the meantime.  Keep watching

In other news I now have a shirt pattern.  I've been inspired by Peter's use of this pattern

I've never made a shirt before but I think it's time to take the plunge.  Or it will be when the log cabin quilt is finished.  I like all three versions shown on the pattern envelope.  My head has been turned by view B which has tucks on the front yoke but I will try to make the short sleeved version.  I'm a bit scared, as a beginner, of cuffs and plackets.  I've got some cheap nice lightweight cotton shirting for a muslin.  Let's see how that goes.  With a bit of luck I might have a new shirt in time for my holidays!


  1. Hello Gavin,

    Glad the visitors came your way!

    Nice shirt pattern. Why not be a lazy tike and make the short sleeved version first for your hols? You could even make it collarless.

    Plackets are a complete pain. Make sure you have a good quality shirting so you won't have problems with fraying.


  2. Hello Gavin,

    Me again, :-).
    I'm not a seasoned seamstress when it comes to sewing dresses and the like. For me 'FashionSewingBlogTV' by Colleen G. Lee on YouTube is a great help.

    Although her videos are geared towards garments for women, Colleen also has quite a few videos on general sewing techniques, including how to use store-bought patterns.

    Anyway, I love watching her videos and find them very useful.