Monday, 6 May 2013

The Log Cabin Quilt: Quilting in the Ditch

 Well where has the time gone?  Over two weeks since my last post.  The Log Cabin Quilt should probably be finished by now but alas it is not.  Here it is as of this morning.

And here are two more shots, of the backing, which I think show up the quilting slightly better.  I quilted in the ditch between each log cabin block and then the border.  My certainty left me at that point.  I then decided to to quilt in the ditch between each pair of piano keys in the border.  I think that overall the quilting feels quite balanced at this stage.  

I was toying with the idea of adding diagonal quilting across the centre log cabin section of the quilt but after some discussion with The-Much-Beloved I have decided not to.  We both agreed that additional diagonal lines might detract from the detailed patchwork of logs.

At the moment the quilt feels robust enough to stand up to wear and washing.  The batting suggested quilting up to ten inches apart.  The widest point between rows of quilting on this piece is seven inches so I am well within tolerances.  At the same time the quilt is still supple and flexible cuddly.  This is intended for a cot so I wouldn't want to over quilt and end up with something that felt too rigid.

In an attempt to focus on the finish line here are the next steps

  1. Machine baste around the outside of the quilt a quater of an inch from the edge of the quilt top
  2. Trim away the excess backing and batting and square up
  3. Cut two and a half inch strips of the red fabric for binding
  4. Join strips using 45 degree seams
  5. Attach binding
  6. Wash, line dry and press


  1. It's gorgeous, Gavin. Well done!

  2. Great work Gavin. You did the right thing avoiding the diagonals - too many seams to go over, the lines would end up wavy from going over all the bumps.


  3. No, wash, throw in dryer, and enjoy cuddly goodness! It looks great!

  4. thanks for share..