Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Log Cabin Quilt: Final!

Cast your minds back and you may remember that I used to write a blog here.  I didn't mean to stop writing but I didn't have anything to blog about as I seemed to have lost my sewing mojo.  I have read that this can happen.  Well my mojo has returned and I have some progress to report.

Remember my to do list?

Progress so far:

  • Machine baste around the outside of the quilt a quater of an inch from the edge of the quilt top
  • Trim away the excess backing and batting and square up
  • Cut two and a half inch strips of the red fabric for binding
  • Join strips using 45 degree seams
  • Attach binding
  • Wash, line dry and press

  • That's right!  Only a few minutes ago I put the final stitches into the binding on the quilt.  Thank you to follower Ken who explained how to make my hand stitching invisible.

    Finished log cabin cot quilt (thank you to The-Much-Belovéd for holding it up so well)
    Detail of quilting and binding back and front
    I machined the binding to the front of the quilt and then hand stitched it to the back.  Yes, it took hours!  I am happy enough with the result to make it worth the investment of time.

    How's that for a mitre?
    I am particularly pleased with the way the mitred corners worked out.  I am indebted to Lizzie Lenard's tutorial on binding.  The finish on this quilt is about a hundred times better than on my first quilt at the end of last summer.

    Well that's another project completed.  I will need to wash the quilt before I post it off to it's new owner.  I now have the excitement of starting a new project.  I wonder what's next...


    1. Well done, Gavin. The quilt is lovely.
      The mitred corners look good. They're not difficult, but the more you practice the prettier they become.

      And I'm delighted that you hand stitched the binding at the back of the quilt. That happens to be my all time favourite finishing touch!
      Good job on the invisible stitching. You nailed it.



      1. Hi Marianne

        Thank you for the positive feedback. I'm really glad you like the quilt.


    2. Beautiful work. I really like the material you used for the binding. It gives the quilt that extra little touch.

      1. Thanks Thin Man
        I like the crowns fabric too. Makes me think of the Royal Mail and HM QEII's diamond jubilee last summer.


    3. very nice -love the colors you chose and the border keys also-nice work on the binding.

    4. Oh top job, Gavin!

      Wonderful design, fresh colours, you must be pleased as punch. And hand sewn binding! Glad you got the mitred corners cracked. Now you can tell your mates how to do it after five pints at the pub. Beer mat might come in handy.


      1. Hello Muv

        I am really pleased to get this project finished. I seemed to hit a creative block when it came to finishing/binding. I think this was down to how I felt about the finish on the first quilt I made. I'm glad I didn't rush things and I now know that there is no need to be afraid of binding.

        Five pints and chatting about quilts - you are very intuitive. The accuracy is almost chilling!