Saturday, 10 August 2013

All of the things that stopped me blogging

Hello readers!

What's that I hear?  Total silence?  There are probably none of you left as I haven't posted a word since I finished the Negroni shirt back in June.

Negroni shirt being worn on Cape Cod
So what has been happening since then?  Well I left my job, moved house, went on holiday, came back and started a new job.  So not much then really.

So the bad news is that I haven't had a lot of time to sew and therefore nothing much to blog and the good news is my new home has, or will have, a designated sewing space.

This muddle is my outstanding unpacking and the space will be the sewing room.

So the target for next week is to unpack, declutter, plan and arrange this room.  I still have an owl quilt to finish and that due date is getting closer and closer!


  1. Hey Gavin - I recently came across your site from a comment you posted on Male Pattern Boldness and I was amazed by your wealth of knowledge about sewing machines. I am trying to contact you with a question that I have but I can't find your email address. Would you be willing to email me at

    1. Hi Madalynne
      A good email address for me is gavinehenderson at gmail dot com or I am happy to answer a question via an open comment. I am a relative new comer to sewing no expert when it comes to machines so don't expect miracles but I will help you if I can.


  2. Hi Gavin,

    New home, new job and a holiday!
    Well,it certainly looks like you enjoyed your holiday, :-))

    I'm happy for you that you'll have a sewing room in your new home. I spotted your treadle in the photo. Will you have enough room to set up all your sewing machines?

    Best wishes for your new job too. I hope it's a job you enjoy doing. I know too many people that hate their jobs.



  3. Gavin:
    It sounds like you deserve a vacation. Looks like you are enjoying yourself. Have a glass of wine for me. Oh, the shirt looks great!

  4. Congratulations on the new sewing room! May you have years and years of sewing satisfaction in your new space.

  5. Gavin,

    I'm exhausted just reading it. And your sewing space doesn't look much different to mine at the best of times.

    The shirt looks great. Proper holiday shirt. You will have to make one every year.

    Welcome back to Blighty,